Arts Tour Series Experience Survey — Marshall

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Let us know your experience and what we can do better next time! 

[contact-form to=”” subject=”March 28 Workshop Survey”][contact-field label=”1. Which of the following did this workshop provide for you? (Maximum 3)” type=”checkbox-multiple” required=”1″ options=”Opportunity to make music in a way I wouldn’t have had otherwise,Opportunity to more deeply appreciate this type of music,Opportunity for hands on experience with period instruments,Opportunity to connect with other musicians I didn’t already know,Opportunity to learn more about early music,Opportunity to learn more about period performance practices”][contact-field label=”2. When I participated in this workshop, I felt… (Maximum 3)” type=”checkbox-multiple” required=”1″ options=”Inspired,Energized,Moved by the music,Challenged,Connected,Enjoyed”][contact-field label=”3. How meaningful was the experience to you?” type=”radio” required=”1″ options=”Very meaningful,Meaningful,Not meaningful”][contact-field label=”4. What was the best thing about this workshop?” type=”textarea” required=”1″][contact-field label=”5. What suggestions do you have for improving future workshops?” type=”textarea” required=”1″][contact-field label=”6. What is your age?” type=”radio” options=”12 or younger,13~18,19~24,25~65,65 or older”][contact-field label=”7. How many years of music study/experience have you had?” type=”textarea” required=”1″][contact-field label=”8. Have you had any previous experience with early music?” type=”radio” required=”1″ options=”Yes,No”][contact-field label=”9. Would you like to participate BSM’s workshop again in the future?” type=”radio” required=”1″ options=”Yes,Maybe,No”][contact-field label=”10. How likely will you recommend BSM’s workshop to others?” type=”radio” required=”1″ options=”Absolutely,Likely,Not sure,Not likely”][contact-field label=”Other Comments” type=”textarea”][/contact-form]